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Buried System Installation

Buried Detection Systems

The main feature of these types of system is that they are invisible once installed and therefore difficult for an intruder to locate.

They can follow the shape and contours of irregular boundaries and are not constrained to "line of sight" applications. This makes them ideal for irregular shaped sites.

This means that they do not require a specific physical barrier such as a wall or fence

It is essential that they work under many different surfaces such as grass, gravel, asphalt and paving.

We have different systems available to suit different applications (click on the name to see more information):

Pressure System

Point ID Pressure System

Approved for UK Government Use
(for details contact CPNI)

GPS uses underground sensing tubes which are buried 25 to 30 cms deep and 1 to 1.5 metres apart.

Filled with liquid and pressurised, the tubes will detect the differential change in pressure between them, caused by an intruders approach.

PPS uses the same detection principle as the GPS system, based on fluid filled tubes around the perimeter.

Using advanced processing and timing techniques it can resolve the intruder's point of entry down to a precision of 5m within any 200 metre zone.

Dual Technology

Leaky Coaxial System

DPS is a dual technology system that uses a combination of GPS/PPS and RFC detection systems.

This creates an extremely stable, high security system, suitable for the most demanding applications.

RFC uses two coaxial cables, buried in parallel 25 to 30 cms deep and 1 to 1.5 metres apart around the perimeter.

One cable transmits a radio signal that is detected by the other. Changes in the received signal, caused by an intruder can be detected and analysed.

The latest version, CHAIN, can provide variable length, programmable detection zones, identifying the point of intrusion to within a few metres

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