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Microwave Detection System

Free Standing Systems

The main feature of these types of system is that they provide cost effective security over long straight perimeters.

They are used in "line of sight" applications, where the two ends of any particular section must be visible to each other.

This means that they do not require a specific physical barrier such as a wall or fence but they can be used in conjunction with a physical structure to provide additional protection.

It is essential that they work in many different weather conditions and they are particularly useful for the protection of roofs and walls.

We have different systems available to suit different applications, including microwave barriers and infrared barriers:

ERMO-CORAL Microwave Barrier

ERMO482X Pro

Manta Digital Microwave Barrier

Darwin Infrared Beams

A new digital microwave barrier with two range options 50m and 80m.
The Manta brings the benefits of digital processing, internal event memories and serial data collection to the lower cost applications.

Slimline internal infrared beams supplied in fixed configurations of 2, 4, 6 and 8 beam assemblies.
Ideal foe the protection of windows, doors, roller shutters and other access points.

IPS Intelligent Infrared Beam Barriers

Multi-Beam Infrared

High Security Multi-beam Columns
In the IPS systems a transmitter unit sends an invisible infrared beam to a receiver unit.

The receiver analyses the infrared signal and when it falls to a specific level, caused by a person blocking the beam, will indicate an alarm.

Double, Triple and Quad Infrared Beams - External

These Infra Red Beam Barriers have been designed to be installed in external applications under the most demanding climatic conditions. They are supplied in pre-configured multi-beam assemblies that are easy to install and set-up.

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