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There are now four products within the range of products, GPS Plus buried system , CPS Plus fence protection system, ERMO482X Pro microwave barrier and MMD rapid deployment microwave, that are approved for UK Government use. Contact the CPNI for more information

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The SIOUX 3D Fence Protection is the new addition to the extensive range of systems.

It provides flexible and accurate detection on a wide variety of fence types and structures.
It is also IP (PoE) compatible as well as having conventional relay capabilities.

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Many of the sensors now have IP (with PoE) capabilities including the latest MURENA doppler microwave sensor, the ERMO482X Pro microwave barrier, the Coral Plus microwave barrier and the Manta microwave barrier.

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SUN is a brand new fibre optic system that gives protection against removal of solar and photo-voltaic panels. The system protects the panels by joining them together using a low cost fibre optic cable.

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Coral Microwave

CORAL Microwave Barrier The Coral microwave barrier is now available in analogue and digital (Plus) versions both with an optional special antenna to generate an asymmetric detection pattern for use in restricted areas. It also has two different colour options and a special post bracket which can completely conceal the cable. Also with IP (PoE) capabilities.

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PPS Tube

New Buried Detection System

PPS Position Sensing Buried Detection System - A differential pressure detection system that can pinpoint the intrusion to within 10m in any 200m section. This gives up to 20 programmable zones allowing detection zones to exactly match CCTV coverage without hardware changes.

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