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CORAL - Microwave with unique "butterfly" antenna

The CORAL is a bi-static, microwave detector, available in both analogue and digital versions, for high security, external applications. It comprises a transmitter and receiver which, when mounted facing each other, create a protection zone, the dimensions of which vary according to the chosen antenna, the distance between the two units and the selected system sensitivity.

The CORAL is available with two range options which are:

  • CORAL 100 - 100 metre range
  • CORAL 220 - 220 metre range
It has a number of features designed to simplify the installation and also to enhance the aesthetics of the unit. It has an integrated junction box to accept incoming and outgoing cable terminations and the cable cab be fully concealed within the post and bracket.

A unique feature is the new "butterfly" antenna in the 100m unit, which can create a detection field that asymmetric, optimising the vertical plane and significantly reducing any "dead" zones in front of the unit.

The 220 unit uses a low dispersion antenna, designed to minimise signal loss and provide stable performance over 220m.

Also integrated into the unit is an audible and visible walk test and alignment tool, eliminating the need for specialist meters and greatly simplifying the set up.

The unit is available in two different colours, Green and Grey, and the integrated post bracket completely conceals any cables.

The Coral Plus has digital signal processing and built in RS485 serial port for transmission of alarm data as well as remote configuration and now with IP (PoE) capabilities.

The Coral is therefore ideal for protection of properties where the aesthetics are important and the area is restricted.

Typical Installation

For full information download the datasheet

Solar park application
CORAL Microwave Sensor

CORAL Butterfly Antenna

CORAL Post Bracket


Butterfly Antenna To provide asymmetric detection field and short dead zones.

Integrated Walk-test/Alignment tool To simplify installation and test.

Concealed Cable Entry To secure the cable and to enhance the "look" of the installation.

Digital or Analogue processing For more flexible performance

100m and 220m Range To ensure maximum, cost effective performance.

Two Colour Options To match the environment.

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