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WATest and Armitest are software packages designed to allow access to all the detailed operating parameters of the ERMO482X digital microwave barriers and the Armidor digital Doppler detector.

The software can be run either local to the particular unit by making a direct connection between a laptop PC and the microwave or remotely by using the built in RS485 data bus on the units.

When using the RS485 connection you can connect up to 24 ERMO482X links (transmitter and receiver) or 96 Armidor to a single data bus.

This means that any of these units can be selected from the PC, located at some central convenient point, and individual operating parameters can be checked and adjusted without physically going to the unit in question.

This also gives access to the historical event and analogue memories contained within each unit. The information in these memories can be downloaded to the computer for analysis and maintenance purposes.

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