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Digital Microwave Detector - Now with Short Range Target Discrimination

The ARMIDOR digital Doppler microwave detector is specifically designed to detect movement in external situations and it is particularly suitable for areas where other types of external detector cannot be used or do not give full coverage.

The digital signal analysis is based on "Fuzzy Logic" behaviour models and it features uniform sensitivity to longitudinal and transverse movements which is unusual in detectors based on the Doppler principle.

SRTD is a unique feature which prevents small objects close to the Armidor from creating nuisance signals. This is achieved by setting up a small "dead zone" directly in front of the unit. The size of this zone is a fixed percentage of the overall range.

It also prevents activations caused by vibrations in the mounting of the unit and is particularly useful for eliminating problems caused by water droplets and small animals and birds.

Another standard feature is the Anti-masking capability, which will detect deliberate or accidental attempts to cover the unit and prevent detection. This is not affected by the SRTD.

The mounting position of the ARMIDOR can be rotated through 90° to create a narrow "curtain" of protection where the area to be protected is restricted.

The size of the detection area can be controlled using the stepped range feature from 4m to 20m, making the unit ideal for the protection of roofs, terraces, temporary scaffolding and the front of buildings.

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Armitest Software

Using a special software package, Armitest, it is possible to connect a PC to the unit, either locally or remotely, to access a number of additional features. The ARMIDOR has internal memories which can store digital and analogue event information.

Armitest can be used to download this information for detailed analysis.It can also be used for real time signal monitoring and detection parameter setting. Information from up to 96 ARMIDOR, connected to a single RS485 data bus, can be collected.

Armidor Digital Microwave Detector

Entrance Protection


  • Cyclic Event Memory for up to 256 events, downloaded as text.
  • Analogue Event memory for up to 100, 2.5 second signal level recordings.
  • RS485 Port for remote set-up and memory download.
  • Remote Test and Standby inputs.
  • SRTD Function to compensate for short range targets and vibration.

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