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Extensive Experience

We are a dynamic company with extensive experience in the security and external perimeter system industry.

GPS Perimeter Systems

GPS Perimeter Systems is a small, dynamic company with extensive experience in the application and installation of external perimeter systems.

We can provide advice on the best system to suit a particular establishment, liaise with professional installation organisations to ensure correct installation and configuration and help with on-going maintenance.

40 years world wide experience

With over 40 years world wide experience in perimeter systems, the company has available a wide range of different products to suit most end user requirements.

GPS Standard Spa / Cias Elettronica Supplier

Closely associated with leading manufacturers GPS Standard spa and Cias Elettronica, GPS Perimeter Systems can therefore offer impartial advice on system selection to ensure that the end user has confidence that the system will give everything required.

System Design & Installation partnerships

We have close relationships with System Design and Installation companies, providing on and off-site assistance with system planning, commissioning, training and troubleshooting.

Systems integrate with CCTV equipment

Close associations with CCTV equipment specialists so whatever the site requirement, contact us, we can help.

Our Story

We can supply and install an extensive range of different systems using various types of technology to ensure we deliver the most appropriate tailored solution to you.

What we do

We work closely with established installation companies and integrators or if necessary can recommend experienced companies to use for a smooth installation of your system.

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Tel: 01604 648344