Systems Integration

When designing, operating and maintaining multi-sensor, multi-technology perimeter security systems it is desirable to access the sensor data from a central point, without physically going to each individual sensor.

It is also useful to provide a central interface to third party monitoring systems, such as CCTV surveillance equipment, without running large numbers of multi-core cables around the site.

We can provide a number of different types of central monitoring and data collection systems, dependent on the sensor technology used and the size and layout of the individual site.

All the systems can use different types of communications medium, such as copper cable, fibre optics and wireless, making best use of existing cable infrastructure if available. Ethernet, RS485 and other common networking standards are supported.

Systems Integration

Designing, operating and maintaining multi-sensor, multi-technology perimeter security systems.

Available Systems

Systems Integration

Here are our systems that are available.


A system for the collection of alarm data from digital microwave barriers and other devices, with options for various types of communications, including optical fibre, Ethernet (IP) and wireless. 


This system can collect alarm data from remote sensors as well as providing remote configuration, event recording and optional site mimic graphics.


A full security system management software suite, providing monitoring and control for security sensors, CCTV surveillance and recording systems, access control and fire detection systems.