Fence Mounted Systems

The main feature of these types of system is that they are simple to install and unobtrusive.

They follow the shape and contours of irregular fence lines and are not constrained to "line of sight" applications. This makes them ideal for irregular shaped sites.

This means that they do, usually, require a specific physical barrier such as a wall or fence, although the Taut Wire systems can form their own physical barrier.

It is essential that they work on many different types of structure such as chain link, welded mesh and palisade fencing. The Taut Wire systems must also have a free-standing capability

We have different systems available to suit different applications.

Fence Systems

Invisible once installed and therefore difficult for an intruder to locate.

Available Systems

Fence Mounted Systems

Here are our systems that are available.

CPS Plus

CPS Plus uses a thin co-axial cable that is clipped to the fence structure that can detect all of the typical mechanical disturbances produced during an attempt to cut or climb the fence.


The system, designed for the protection of gas, water and oil pipelines, is also ideally suited to the protection of long fence lines.


The Sioux is a detection system used to detect attempts to climb, cut or otherwise penetrate a perimeter fence. It has been designed to work on chain link, welded mesh and palisade fences.


SNAKE is a perimeter protection system that uses fibre optic cable as the detection medium, suitable for internal and external applications.