DPS is a dual technology system that uses a combination of GPS/PPS and RFC detection systems.

This creates an extremely stable, high security system, suitable for the most demanding applications.

Dual Technology

DPS is a dual technology system which uses the buried line differential pressure system GPS and the radio frequency system RFC as a combined sensor suitable for the discreet perimeter protection of commercial, domestic, industrial, military or other high risk areas.

By using the different detection principles and sensitivities of the pressure and rfc systems it is possible to generate alarms from either system or only when a combined alarm is detected.

This will eliminate any false activations from either individual system, while maintaining the detection integrity. This makes the system ideal for the most demanding of applications.

Each zone can be up to 100m long, as per the GPS and RFC systems and the Peripheral can monitor two zones. Up to 64 Peripherals can be connected to a single data bus, allowing the creation of extremely large systems.


RFC Sensor

This unit contains the RF transmitters and receivers for creating and monitoring the sensitive electromagnetic field.


This is the underground pipe used to transmit the pressure signals to the pressure sensor unit. A special synthetic mix is used to provide the correct elasticity factor and underground durability.

Compensating Valves

 These units are used to perform the self-compensation feature of the system. The body of the valve is of a special material suitable for direct burial without deterioration.

Pressure Sensor

This unit houses the pressure sensing diaphragms that detect the pressure differences between the tubes.

DPS Peripheral

This unit collects the signals from the RF and Pressure sensors and performs the complex signal analysis to determine the alarm criteria.

It also acts as the communications interface to the central control system.

RF Cable

This is the leaky coaxial cable that is used for the transmit and receive cables, buried along side the tubes.

Invisible Protection System

System uses the latest generation of DSP microprocessor can make a very high number of evaluations of the received signals in a very short time.

System Configuration

The ability to adjust the sensitivity of each single zone allows the system to adapt to the characteristics of each individual application.

All of the system components are protected by a system called a “watch dog”, which, in the event of a software interruption, restores the normal system
operation automatically