ERMO482X Pro - Digital Microwave, up to 500m range.

The ERMO482X Pro is a bi-static, digital microwave detector for high security, external applications, now with IP PoE capability.

It comprises a transmitter and receiver which, when mounted facing each other, create a protection zone, the dimensions of which vary according to the chosen antenna, the distance between the two units and the selected system sensitivity.

Approved for UK Government Use


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Operating Principles

The ERMO482X takes full advantage of the latest digital processing technology and has numerous features designed to make it easy to install and maintain.

ERMO482X PRO monitors the received signal, comparing it with behaviour models using algorithms based on "Fuzzy Logic" to decide if the signal was created by a real intruder or some other factor. The size, shape and rate of change of the signal are continuously monitored and compared with typical stored models.

The sensor is able to detect intruders walking, running, crawling or rolling. Every event can be date and time stamped and stored in the on-board memory. The memory can be down-loaded locally or remotely to a PC and analysed to assess the possible causes.

The barriers have a 16 channel coding system to prevent interference and simplify any overlap requirements and built in alignment aids and commissioning tools reduce the need for additional set up meters or instruments.

One unique feature is that the width of the detection pattern can be reduced using the special FSTD (Fuzzy Side Target Discrimination) function that allows the ERMO482X Pro to be used in restricted environments. It also has a unique anti-masking facility that can detect specific forms of attack using low level screens to block the signal. In addition

A special software package, WAVETEST, is available which gives access to all the operating parameters for each barrier, as well as the internal memories. This allows the barriers to be addressed via a serial data link from a PC located at a remote position. The complete performance of each barrier can be monitored and adjusted via the PC, without the need to physically access the individual units.

Available with different ranges which are:

  • ERMO482X-50 - 50 metre range X Band

  • ERMO482X-80 - 80 metre range X Band

  • ERMO482X-120 - 120 metre range X Band

  • ERMO482X-200 - 200 metre range X Band

  • ERMO482X-250 - 250 metre range K Band

  • ERMO482X-500 - 500 metre range K Band