MICRO-RAY is a detection barrier with linear microwave rays developed by CIAS laboratories, based on a deep knowledge of microwave technology and signal analysis, coupled with long experience of real-world perimeter requirements.

The idea was born from the need for an alternative to infrared rays, which are normally used to protect very narrow corridors, but which by their nature have many limits that can negatively affect performance.

Infrared beams are especially vulnerable to climatic conditions such as temperature, glare, solar  reflections, fog, and need frequent maintenance such as cleaning of the cover.

MICRO-RAY is totally immune to the most extreme weather conditions. Its performances, due to the nature of microwave itself, are not influenced by solar glare nor fog.

Similarly, car headlights are not affecting it at all, as they would with active infrared in specific circumstances.

Scenarios & Special Configurations

A special feature of MICRO-RAY is that each ray is fully independent and can be freely set up by choosing 1 out of the 5 available scenarios.

Furthermore, BASIC or ADVANCED configuration can be selected according to beam interruption time.

This technology is extremely accurate in detecting crawling attempts, discriminating false alarms.

MICRO-RAY provides a linear ray covering a very narrow area, exactly as infrared barriers but without the limits of the latter. The flexibility of application of these revolutionary linear microwave beams, thanks to their detection reliability, total immunity to even extreme weather conditions and reduced power consumption, without the need for a heater, makes this product a unique solution of its kind.

Each tower, can be equipped with 1 to 4 microwave rays, independent in alarm management. It can be used in very narrow corridors (minimum 1 m width).

The 1st Barrier with Microwave Rays for Perimeter Protection


  • Sensor Type - 24ghz Bistatic Linear Microwave Barrier

  • Range - 100m

  • Minimum Clearance Space Required - 1m

  • Probability Of Detection - 98%

  • Compliant With - En50131-1 Grade 4

  • Signal Analysis - Digital Fuzzy Logic

  • Detection Height/Rays No. - See The Modularity Diagram Below

  • Max. Number Of Rays - 4 Per Column

  • Power Consumption - 120ma Per Beam

  • Modulation Channels - 16 Crystal Controlled

  • Power Supply - 230vac/13.8vdc With Power Kit Or Poe 802.3 Af With Micro-Ray-Ip-Poe Module (1 Per Tower)

  • Beam Interruption Time - From 10ms To 1sec

  • Ip Rating - Ip55

  • Operating Temperature - -35°C +65°C

  • Configuration - Embedded Alignment Tool

  • Warranty - 6 Years

  • Special Outputs - Rs485 Or Ip Through Micro-Ray-Ip-Poe (1 Per Column)

  • Relays Outputs - Alarm/Fault/Tamper Per Each Ray

  • Mttr (Mean Time To Repair) - 25 Minutes