Rapid Deployment Microwave Barrier

The MMD system is a mobile, rapid deployment bi-static microwave detector for temporary external applications. It is based on the ERMO482 Digital barrier using a transmitter and a receiver which, when placed facing each other, create a protection zone between the two units. This zone can be up to 200m long.

The detection heads are mounted on fast action tripods specially designed to give an extremely stable mounting even on uneven or soft ground. Each head is connected to a local battery box, via military grade connectors, containing a heavy duty battery that will provide all the power requirements for the head for more than 100hrs without recharge.

Operating Principles

The battery boxes can provide power for two heads at the same time, where multiple heads are needed to provide the level of protection required. Each box has a built in battery charger so that the internal battery can be re-charged when convenient.

The microwave receiver head is connected to a special type of battery box, called the MMD-Master, which includes a radio transmitter. This radio transmitter sends alarm and status information to a control unit, MMD-CU, fitted with a compatible radio receiver. The radio receiver can accept signals from remote units over a distance of about 1km in open areas.

The MMD-CU is, of course, battery powered with integral charger and can monitor the alarm and status signals from up to 32 independent microwave links. Should one of the remote MMD-Master units fail to send a status signal within a pre-determined time then the MMD-CU will generate a fault alarm, meaning that the system is fully monitored.

The MMD-CU has additional outputs available that can be used to trigger higher powered radio alarm links, if greater distance is required, or to operated alternative alarm signalling systems such as a GSM phone link.

The quality and specification of the ERMO482X detection system ensure that performance is not compromised by portability.

Approved for UK Government Use


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High Specification Microwave Detector ERMO482X 
To ensure maximum detection performance with simple alignment and up to 200m detection range.

Specially Designed Tripod 
To ensure stable mounting platform on all types of terrain.
Robust Power Supply Units - With heavy duty batteries and built-in chargers. Each unit can supply two separate heads.

Fully Monitored Radio Link 
Ensures reliability and security of radio connection between detectors and the central control unit.

MMD-Control Unit 
Can monitor alarm and status of up to 32 independent microwave detectors within a radius of about 1km in open space..

Carrying Cases 
Extremely strong transport cases supplied to ensure safety from damage and speed of deployment. Whole system can be deployed and set up in less than 15 minutes.