12/24m Doppler Microwave with Unique Range Cut-off

Murena is a volumetric microwave sensor, using the Doppler effect and digital signal processing, for external protection, now with IP PoE capability.

This unit has a very high signal/noise ratio, especially for very low frequencies, which relate to slow movements across the protection field. In this way there is a drastic reduction in the sensitivity differences between longitudinal movement and transverse movements through the protection field, characteristic in most Doppler effect sensors.

The on-board microprocessor, using appropriate algorithms can measure the distance and the mass of the object moving in the detection field, analysing all the received data using "Fuzzy" logic.

This avant-garde approach means that most of the problems created in external environments for these types of microwave sensors can be overcome.

The design includes a minimum range function to eliminate signals created by small objects close to the detector and a maximum range function to de-limit the detector protection area. Set, for example, to 8m, the signal created by a human body at 10m will not be considered for analysis in the generation of alarms.

All of the operating parameters may be set using on-board switches but for more precise settings a special software package is available, Wavetest 2

This also gives access to the unique on-board analogue and digital event memories within the device.

Approved for UK Government Use

Contact CPNI for more details


  • Minimum Range: 1m

  • Maximum Range: 12/24m (variable in 12 steps)

  • Dimensions: 175 x 175 x 115

  • Alarm Contact

  • Tamper Contact

  • Fault Contact

  • Target Size Control

  • Pre-alarm threshold control

  • Alarm threshold control

  • Masking threshold control