Sioux Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

The Sioux is a detection system used to detect attempts to climb, cut or otherwise penetrate a perimeter fence. It has been designed to work on chain link, welded mesh and palisade fences. It can also provide detection of attempts to break through solid walls and metal roofing and cladding.

It can also be used on rigid, ornamental fence structures.

The system comprises a series of sensors, using 3 dimensional MEMS technology, attached to the fence and configured as Master or Slave sensors. These detect the disturbances caused by an attempted intrusion and convert them into electrical signals that are collected by each master sensor.

The Sioux-master and Sioux-slave sensors are placed in special shielded containers that are inserted in specially designed boxes that will be attached to the fence in order to have maximum signal transmission. The boxes have a gasket to prevent the ingress of water and humidity

Operating Principles

The Sioux-Master and Sioux-Slave sensors are interconnected using pre-assembled cables and connectors. The various lengths of these cables allow different spacing between sensors for different types of fence structure.

Groups of Master sensors with associated slaves (6 per Master) are fitted to the fence and connected as a serial chain back to a Control Unit, which can monitor two separate chains (or Lines) with up to 10 Master sensors and associated Slave sensors per line.

The schematic below shows a typical configuration with two lines, each with two Master sensors and 2 Slave sensors.

Typical spacing between sensors is 5 metres, giving approximately 150 metres protection foe this configuration 

Plug and Play

Easy fitting with the pre-assembled interconnecting cables

Typical configuration of system

SIOUX Sensor on fence