SNAKE - Fibre Optic Cable Detection System

SNAKE is a perimeter protection system that uses fibre optic cable as the detection medium, suitable for internal and external applications.

It uses opto-phonic technology to detect all typical attempts to climb, cut or break through a fence and for internal applications it can indicate attempts to break through or penetrate a wall.

The advantages that fibre optic technology bring to fence mounted perimeter detection systems are, among many, accurate detection, the ability to cover long distances without the need for intermediate power supplies and in particular the complete immunity to high frequency interference from high voltage lines or atmospheric disturbances.

The optical fibre that carries light signals are subjected to variations directly correlated to the physical vibrations in the cable caused by intrusion attempts.

The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) processes and analyses the variations in the signal generated by the differences between the transmitted and received light signals. 

It uses a sophisticated software algorithm, discriminating between natural phenomena, such as wind, rain, hail, etc, from attempted cut or climb intrusions.

Operating Principles

There are two types of Snake processor, designed for use either as "stand-alone" or as part of a Multiplex 2000 multi-processor system for large installations.

The Stand alone system provides pre-alarm, alarm and fibre cut indications using local relay contacts, and is available as single zone, two zone or four zone configurations.

The Snake Multiplex sensor is integrated directly into the Multiplex 2000 system, a system that is able to interconnect, using a single data/power cable, up to 64 different sensors to a single Universal Communications Processor (UCP).

The UCP unit provides a direct interface to monitoring/CCTV systems either via relay contacts or serial data bus. All the operating parameters for the Snake processors can be monitored and configured via the UCP, using a special software package running under Windows XP/Vista.

SNAKE™ is resistant to weather conditions.

System Configuration

Coverage: 2000m single pass - 1000m double pass

Channels: 1 (Stand-alone only), 2, 4

Power Supply: 10.5 - 16 Vdc (12v nominal)

Current: 280mA (Stand alone) / 150mA (Multiplex)

  • 2 Fence Configuration

    2 Fence Configuration

  • 4 Fence Configuration

    4 Fence Configuration